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OK I have added some more pages of info on adding floppies to your TI.

Some of these pages are Micropendium scans:

DISK DRIVIN, Tips on Shunt Paks, Cables & Drive Select Lines
Chaining Disk Drives

Some are info that used to be on other websites but is no longer available

Add a Drive or Two
4 Drives on your TI Controller
3.5" Drives on Your TI

My opinion on the Best way to:

Add 3.5" drives to your system
Keep Your HFDC & Geneve Cool

More Misc Links:

Dan Eichers' TI FAQ
Misc Cable Pinout Specs.
Snug Card Pictures

Geneve Stuff

Dip Switch Settings for Myarc 80 Track FDC
How to get 720k with a Corcomp Controller on a Geneve

David Fletchers How to Install a PC Power Supply In your P-BOX
This is a Big page Slow to load

How to Make a Composite Monitor Cable for your TI
RGB Monitor's Rumored to work with a TI 80col device or Geneve

Download Archiver 3.0
Download Archiver 4.0
Download DM 2000

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